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Judi Hembrough

Let Internet radio boost the conversation about your small business

Are you a fan of talk radio? Well, nowadays you can be more than a fan – you can be a host of your own radio show and turn listeners into customers. While getting your own show on a traditional radio station might not be within your reach; the Internet provides an easy and cost-effective way to get on air. Whether you stream live broadcasts or pr... Read More

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Blog » Contact Centered

Voice of the customer – are yo...

We are all used to hearing the phrase “Your call may be recorded for quality purposes” when dealing with a contact centre, but what if…

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Blog » The Smarter Office

Is Wearable Tech Really "New?"

Wearable technology is certainly “in” right now.  Samsung has produced a watch that works with their ever popular Galaxy series phones, Sony continues to improve…

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Blog » Game Over

Rig Review

When I first start writing reviews of hardware a decade ago, I was testing equipment I borrowed from friends that would hardly turn on.  I…

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Blog » A Fresh Look

Full Time and a New Desk

Location! Location! Location! This classic mantra of real estate also applies to the office and the mind.  Through two unique developments over the past few…

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