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Judi Hembrough

Sales slump got your small business down? How to turn things around

Are you on track to meet your sales goal for the year or does your target seem unreachable because of a prolonged slump in sales.  It’s natural for any business to experience a downturn. Sometimes you just need to ride things out. However, if sales have been slow for too long, it’s time to address the situation head on. Getting out of a sales ... Read More

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Voice of the customer – are yo...

We are all used to hearing the phrase “Your call may be recorded for quality purposes” when dealing with a contact centre, but what if…

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Is Wearable Tech Really "New?"

Wearable technology is certainly “in” right now.  Samsung has produced a watch that works with their ever popular Galaxy series phones, Sony continues to improve…

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Rig Review

When I first start writing reviews of hardware a decade ago, I was testing equipment I borrowed from friends that would hardly turn on.  I…

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Full Time and a New Desk

Location! Location! Location! This classic mantra of real estate also applies to the office and the mind.  Through two unique developments over the past few…

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