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Judi Hembrough

Five steps to prepare for a small business sales meeting

Did you ever walk out of a sales meeting and think of a question you should have asked or realized that you forgot to highlight one of your key small business competitive advantages? Sometimes it’s not what you say, but what you fail to mention that can cost you the sale. And that’s why preparing for each sales meeting, whether it’s on the ph... Read More

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Blog » Contact Centered

Why aren’t they listening?

The call centre has the misfortune of having one of the worst reputations for any part of a business. Generally this is well deserved. Our…

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Blog » The Smarter Office

Is Wearable Tech Really "New?"

Wearable technology is certainly “in” right now.  Samsung has produced a watch that works with their ever popular Galaxy series phones, Sony continues to improve…

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Blog » Game Over

Rig Review

When I first start writing reviews of hardware a decade ago, I was testing equipment I borrowed from friends that would hardly turn on.  I…

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Blog » A Fresh Look

Full Time and a New Desk

Location! Location! Location! This classic mantra of real estate also applies to the office and the mind.  Through two unique developments over the past few…

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