Plantronics Announces New RIG Headset

Plantronics announced its new “RIG” headset at Gamescom today.  The headset is capable of being hooked up to both your phone and your gaming device, whether that is an Xbox 360, a PS3, or a PC.  Equipped with soft cushion earphones, interchangeable microphones (noise cancelling boom mic or inline mic), and a specialized volume control, the RIG has everything.  I have never seen a device quite like it, and I love it.

The headset includes 40mm speaker drivers and a few sets of EQ profiles, one specifically for bass heavy audio that shows off Plantronics bass tube tech.  Calls can be answered by simply pressing a button on the headset, and the inline volume slider allows you to adjust both the call and game sound levels.  You can also use the phone plug in to listen to music from your phone while gaming, which is a awesome bonus.  And for the pickiest of all of us, me included, 2 color choices are available, a white and a black model.  The detachable mic adds another whole level of use, as you can now take the RIG on the go, as high quality earphones.

I love headsets, and I love having it loud, whether it is music, movies or explosions.  I can’t tell you how many times I have missed a call because I had my set on and couldn’t hear my phone.  And I know I am not the only one who has noticed the phone ringing, but knew that if I took the time to take off my PC headset, put in my Bluetooth, and answer my phone, I would probably die in-game. And I am not about to risk ruining my kill-death ratio for a phone call.  If only my SO would see it as clearly as I did.  The point being that this device could save us all from that unneeded in-game death, and will keep your social life intact.  Check out the video below to see it in action.

Be sure to check out the RIG headset which should become available this fall for $129.00.

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