New Plantronics How-to Guide answers what cloud computing can do for your small business

how-to-cloud-computingA few years ago, Citrix conducted a survey of what people really think about the cloud and got some surprising answers. For example, 22 percent of those surveyed said they pretended to understand how the cloud works; 17 percent said they pretended to understand it on a date. Another 29 percent believed the cloud had something to do with the weather.

In the two years since that survey was taken, there’s probably a lot less confusion over what cloud computing is.  Still you may be wondering if you should be moving some of your business operations to the cloud, if you haven’t already.

To help you make this decision, we created How to Move Your Business to the Cloud. The four-page Plantronics guide looks at the benefits of cloud computing, such as the flexibility to access company information from anywhere anytime to boost productivity and collaboration. There also are cost savings when you move to the cloud since you only pay for the usage of cloud-based applications and services. There are no additional costs for infrastructure, operation and management.

Our new guide highlights top cloud applications and services to consider, including storage and sharing, online meeting and conferencing, document collaboration, email and more. It also explains the differences between the public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud to help in your decision making.  Finally we list the three key steps to get started moving to the cloud.

How to Move Your Business to the Cloud is the second in our latest series of How-to Guides about some of today’s latest technology.   Download a copy. You also can check out our other guides and infographics on the Plantronics small and medium-business solutions site.

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