New Plantronics How-to Guide answers how flexible working can help your small business

how-to-flexible-workingHiring and retaining talent is one of the top challenges facing small business owners. A Small Business Owners Report conducted by Bank of America last fall found that nearly one-third (31 percent) of respondents had plans to hire in 2014. However, nearly half (47 percent) said finding qualified candidates is difficult, and 92 percent indicated they were taking steps to retain the valuable workers they already had on board.

Recent research conducted by Plantronics mirrors the Bank of America findings. Our 2013 survey of 270 U.S operated small businesses indicated that attracting and finding quality labor was the top HR/labor management issue among respondents (44 percent).

In response to the hiring challenge, many small business owners we surveyed (64 percent) said they were implementing flexible work options to attract and retain employees.  Aided by new mobile computing devices, it’s no longer necessary to travel to a traditional office environment to work 8 hours or longer to get the job done. Work is being conducted in home offices and coffee shops and on trains and planes without missing a beat.

To help you implement a flexible work environment, we created How-to Implement Flexible Working. The four-page guide looks at the benefits of flexible working, which in addition to helping to attract and retain talent, include boosting employee productivity and lowering your small business real estate costs. Flexible working also is a way to cost-effectively expand your sales footprint. With sales personnel physically located in a geographic region, you cut travel costs. Flexible work arrangements also mean you don’t lose employees who may have to relocate to another location for some reason or another.

The guide recommends technologies in addition to mobile that you’ll want to consider as you move to a flexible work arrangement. Cloud computing and unified communications are among them, enabling employees to have access to company resources and each other while they are remote. The guide also provides a step-by-step guide to implementation.

How-to Implement Flexible Working is the third in our new series of How-to Guides about some of today’s latest technology.   Download a copy. You also can check out our other guides and infographics on the Plantronics small and medium-business solutions site.


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