New Plantronics How-to Guide answers what mobile devices and apps can do for your small business

how-to-mobile-appsThe move to flexible working not only is changing where work is getting done but how. More and more workers from small businesses to large are shifting from the use of desktop PCs to mobile devices – laptops, smartphones and tablets – to connect to corporate data. Last year, over 1 billion smartphones shipped worldwide, up 38.4 percent from 2012’s shipments of 725.3 million. Worldwide tablet sales reached 195 million up from 116 million in 2012.

Mobility also has fueled the huge demand for mobile apps. Analyst estimates for downloads of apps in 2013 range from 56 to 82 billion with expectations the number will go as high as 200 billion downloads by 2017.

As a small business owner, mobile apps offer you a number of advantages over traditional packaged PC software. They are less expensive, easy to use and offer anywhere, anytime availability. Plus they run on multiple mobile platforms; so one purchase allows you to install the app on all of your devices versus on a single computer.

To help you better understand how to take advantage of mobile devices and apps, we created How to Get the most from Apps and Devices for your Business. The four-page Plantronics guide not only explores the benefits of devices and apps, it provides a list of top apps you may want to consider to get started. Among them are note taking, conference call management and financial management. The guide also includes steps to take to develop a company policy for the use of device and apps to ensure the protection of your company data,

How to Get the most from Apps and Devices for your Business is the fourth in our new series of How-to Guides about some of today’s latest technology.   Download a copy. You also can check out our other guides and infographics on the Plantronics small and medium-business solutions site.


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