New Plantronics How-to Guide looks at ways headsets can improve small business productivity and efficiency

xhow-to-headsets-end-user.png.pagespeed.ic.pe18qYnE1VBusiness is conducted everywhere these days. With smartphones and tablets or laptops and access to your company data through cloud computing, you can work from an airport or coffee shop or while you are on the road. When there’s a need for face-to-face communication or you want to share a screen with a customer or some of your small business team, you even can launch a video or web conference.

While you can handle work away the office on mobile devices, you still can’t control the environment around you.  Noise interference in public places can make it difficult to communicate.  At times like this, a headset helps to ensure audio clarity.

There are other times when being hands free helps productivity and efficiency. You may be on a call and need to get a file that is across the room or in another office. With a wireless headset you can move freely and continue the conversation without placing someone on hold.

Plantronics new How Headsets Can Improve Business Productivity and Efficiency how-to guide explores how headsets can help your small business in and out of the office. The guide also includes a series of steps to take to select the right headset for your business needs. For example, you’ll want to consider what audio communications devices you currently use, whether you need a corded or wireless headset and what kind of office environment you have. Answers to those types of questions can help you decide which Plantronics headset is right for you and what other accessories you may need.

How Headsets Can Improve Business Productivity and Efficiency is the fifth and final in our new series of How-to Guides about some of today’s latest technology.   Download a copy. You also can check out our other guides and infographics on the Plantronics small and medium-business solutions site.


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