Microsoft Lync Conference 2014

For those of you in the corporate space, you probably use Microsoft’s Lync, or have at least heard of it.  It is a fantastic software, now merged with Skype, that allows users to easily communicate, see availability, and collaborate all through a familiar interface.  Over 87 partners and sponsors showed up to the conference to share their advances.  The Lync conference is a great opportunity for users to see what Microsoft and their partners are doing with the software.  Over 1600 attendees came to see the future of Lync.  If you weren’t able to attend, check out some of the most amazing announcements below, including the main keynote here.

BLync – This remote presence device allows you to see whether another user is available/in call/et cetera no matter where you are located.  Great for managers of small teams who want to see if their staff is available. It certainly opens up some possibilities.

BusyLight – Where BLync may fall short, BusyLight picks up the slack.  The BusyLight device sits in your area, cubicle, or office, and lets others know if you are in a call, on “do not disturb,” or are available.  If you have ever been interrupted in the middle of a call, or while focusing on a project, you can see the benefit of a device like this.  BusyLight also will ring for you, so if your headset is off and your computer has no speakers, you won’t miss the call.

Plantronics Seamless Transfer – Plantronics showed us their seamless transfer between PC and Phone through Lync.  This technology is absolutely amazing.  It allows users to continue their conference calls with a simple touch of a button which provides the mobility that is demanded by today’s smarter workers.  “We are excited that Plantronics is providing workers in multiple environments with a variety of devices that can transition communications more easily from Lync and Skype to a mobile device,” said Giovanni Mezgec, General Manager of Lync Product Marketing at Microsoft. “This provides customers the flexibility to choose a solution that meets their specialized communication and collaboration needs.”

Dell Lync Monitor – Dell showed off a Monitor built for Microsoft Lync.  How do you build a monitor meant for communication software?  A built in camera and audio of course! Not much word around the web on this yet, but I am sure we will see more in the future.

Please share with us your favorite events and keynotes from the Microsoft Lync 2014 conference in the comments.

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