Future of Tech

I am always looking at the future of technology.  Better things are always to come, and some of those amazing things may already be here.  Here are some of the neatest and most innovative products we might see in the near future.

  • Graphene – Once deemed “too far-fetched” by skeptics, graphene is now being reported on by many major publications.  Being called a “Miracle Material” this thin and flexible piece of carbon has been deemed the strongest material in the world. And even better, it is responsive to all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.  This material will be able to be used to build batteries far better than the ones we use now, Wi-Fi antennas with better reach and transfer speed, and make thousands of electromagnetic components significantly cheaper.
  • Electronics Skin – Wearable technology is definitely the big thing right now.  Having electronics up against your skin is acceptable, but what about in your skin?  Researchers at University of Illinois have found biomedical application for flexible electronics that could be attached directly to the skin.  Working with Reebok, they made a cap called “Checklight” that uses this technology measures the amount of impact football players receive to the head.
  • Crossbar Memory – This new type of memory, if it works properly, will make flash drives pointless. The technology allows data to be packed about 40 times as densely as the most compact technology can do today.  That means a terabyte of data could be fit into the size of a postage stamp.   Professor Wei Lu developed the technology at the University of Michigan.  He claims that the dense storage not only allows for more space, but uses significantly less energy.
  • Co-Processors – Smartphone co-processors may be start showing up in phones in the near future.  These advancements would allow phone to run a lot of the background processes like GPS, tracking apps, Bluetooth, and other battery drainers on the co-processor without draining the battery.  The co-processors would handle the background tasks without having to power up the full CPU, unless something interesting occurs.
  • Laser based Broadband – Internet from Lasers?  Sounds like an 80’s movie to me.  Truth is it is possible, and incredibly fast (622mb/s from New Mexico to the space station).  The problem, it has to have a clear line of sight, and it doesn’t work in fog. Oh well, sorry San Fran.


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